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The Ollivanders Book Nook Model Kit is the product of more than 450 hours of building ideation, design, testing and optimization by the professional design team.

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Materials and fabrication

All model products are exquisitely crafted from high quality birch plywood with beautiful wood grain, smooth surface, good elasticity, small and pointy wood pieces, and especially very fragrant.

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Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley, the color print upgrade adds decorative accessories such as: Daily Prophet, flyers, wanted posters are available in the set… In addition, the assembly details have also been upgraded to make the experience of assembling your model easy, enjoyable, and generally much more exciting.

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If you have ever experienced assembling our model products, you will not be able to forget the faint scent of wood details. That scent is the characteristic smell of the surface of birch wood – the most advanced plywood, rare and is only used to make advanced art items.

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