The Unique Birthday Gifts For Book Lovers & Readers (That Aren’t Book)

The Unique Birthday Gifts For Book Lovers Readers That Arent Book

Book lovers are a unique bunch of people. Books are often the only things on their mind, the only things in their pockets, and the only things in their lives. They know everything about this particular passion – from favorite authors and pet characters to hidden meanings within each chapter. But not all book lovers are alike, and that can mean one thing: their birthday may need something different to make it special.

If you’re looking for birthday gifts for book lovers in your life, we’ve got ideas for you! We’ve gathered a list of unique gifts that book lovers will enjoy — and some that don’t involve books at all.

The Unique Birthday Gifts For Book Lovers & Readers (That Aren’t Book) 

Cotton Napper – Birthday Gifts For Book Lovers

Cotton Napper is a fun way to show someone you care about their favorite books. They come in a variety of designs and can feature classic literary quotes. Plus, they are one size that make them easy to give to friends and family. 

These gifts are the perfect choice of the birthday gifts for book lovers on your list. Whether she enjoys a particular classic or is a newcomer to the genre, she’ll appreciate a Cotton Napper book. 

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Price: $199.00 (Source: Bearaby)

Diagon Alley Book Nook Harry Potter Bookshelf Insert Color Version

Diagon Alley Book Nook is a great way to incorporate the magical world of Harry Potter into your home. This beautiful diorama will add a touch of enchantment to any bookshelf. 

Although not an exact replica, this Book Nook is a unique way to showcase your favorite Harry Potter novels. The Diagon Alley Book Nook is easy to assemble. Just snap together the 216 pieces to build the facade, signage, and book nook box. The diorama will come together in no time at all. 

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to lay out the pieces in order to make them fit together quicker. The diorama includes a variety of props, including a tavern and bakery. It also has a potion shop with changing lights. The lights reflect off of a mirror and are low-energy and low-heat LEDs. The diorama can run for up to 6 hours on a single battery, so it’s a good idea to purchase an AC adapter. 

You can also buy a pre-made book nook. However, there are many ways to create your own book nook, and you can customize your nook to suit your style. If you want to save money, consider DIY. You can even purchase a DIY kit that includes instructions. This option is much cheaper than premade ones, and allows you to add your own personal touches to your book nook.

So if you are finding birthday gifts for book lovers and readers in your life, this Book Nook will make you pleasant.

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Price: $129.00 

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Custom Name Christmas Tree Soft Cream Throw Blanket

Personalized Pillowcases & Blankets create unique Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers, every year. Use your favorite name to personalize one of our custom book themed gifts, or choose from our popular handmade personalized comfort blankets, throw blankets, and fleece blankets. A warm blanket will help the book lovers happy in the winter. Therefore, you should give one of this birthday gifts for book lovers.

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Price: $25.46 (Source: Etsy)

POANG Armchair Cover Slipcover Hand Made With Multiple Color

The POANG Armchair is made of durable materials, including a thickly padded headrest. The POANG Armchair Cover Slipcover is easily washable. When stains occur, you can simply clean the cover with soapy water and a normal laundry detergent. The fabric is also easy to dry, and the cold water cycle helps protect the color from fading. For best results, use cold water for washing. 

If you are looking for birthday gifts for book lovers, this item is for you! I believe the book lover will love it very much because it is very comfortable.

Price: $94.95 (Source: Etsy)

Personalized Book Spine Art – Best Gifts For Book Lovers

Personalized Book Spine Art is a beautiful way to make a book special. The art print is printed on 100% cotton watercolor textured paper. The spines are arranged to mimic shelves of books. 

A personalized message can also be added to the print. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors. Personalized Book Spine Art comes in many styles. A traditional design features two lines on the spine. 

The first line represents the cover, while the second line is the spine. Both lines are important because they help you visualize the colors and text of the spine. You can even add additional text, such as the author’s name or the title. When choosing a design for your book spine, consider the size and type of book. 

The Unique Birthday Gifts For Book Lovers Readers That Arent Book 8
Price: $31.32 (Source: Etsy)

OUAI Chill Pills Bath Bombs, Birthday Gifts For Book Lovers

OUAI Chill Pills Bath Bomb are made with essential oils that are beneficial to our bodies. They contain Hemp Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Safflower Seed Oil, and are available in various scents. These bath bombs are perfect to give as gifts to your friends and loved ones. 

If you’re looking for a gift that’s infused with the highest quality ingredients, these are the ones to buy. Unlike other bath bombs, these are non-prescription and made with hemp, jojoba, and safflower seed oils. 

They’re also made to make the water in your tub warmer. This allows the bomb to get to work on your skin more quickly. The jar also contains a SCALP AND BODY SCRUB, which helps remove dirt from your body. 

Jen Atkin, a celebrity hairstylist and beauty entrepreneur, is expanding the Ouai brand to include bath bombs. She’s taking her brand beyond haircare products and creating bath bombs to soothe and moisturize. The bath bombs are shaped like pills, which are adorable and a cute addition to your bathroom. 

These bombs contain jojoba oil and safflower seed oil, both of which help to nourish your skin. These bath bombs from OUAI Haircare are an excellent option for a relaxing bath. They’re made with moisturizing hemp seed oil, calming jojoba seed oil, and a blend of jojoba oil and safflower seed oil. This nourishing bath bomb won’t strip your skin and is also a great gift for friends and loved ones.

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Price: $30.00 (Source: Amazon)

WorkEZ BEST Adjustable Laptop Stand Lap Desk for Bed Couch

We all like to watch movies, listen to music and take a break and down a bit of coffee on one of our laptops or tablets. That’s not a problem unless you are trying to balance your laptop on your lap holding it up with your knees. By now you have probably tried this approach out, but it is not only uncomfortable and tiring, it is really hard on your back too!

We are proud to introduce to you a unique adjustable laptop stand. A perfect object if you are looking for something to elevate your laptop plus some pretty cool features that allow you to adjust it the way you want.

The Unique Birthday Gifts For Book Lovers Readers That Arent Book 5
Price: $35.99 (Source: Amazon)

Umbra Solis Decorative Metal Floating Wall Shelf

The Solis wall shelf is a round metal shelf with four levels of storage. It offers room for books, candles, picture frames, and even plants. It comes in several different sizes, so you can find one that works best for your home and your decor. If you’re looking for an extra storage option for your wall, the Solis shelf could be the perfect solution. Its unique design and minimalistic appearance makes it ideal for contemporary decor. 

It features iron galvanized brackets and stained wood. It also has a geometric circular shape, which makes it perfect for displaying collectibles or photos. This wall shelf is versatile and can be installed in corners or free-standing. It also offers an easy way to organize your decor. It has a slidable metal frame, so you can move it to different locations as needed. 

This round metal shelf by Umbra features four storage levels. It is the perfect addition to any room. It is great for displaying books, picture frames, candles, and even plants. The shelves are sturdy enough to hold up to 15 pounds of weight. They can also be mounted side-by-side for more storage. It should be added to the list of birthday gifts for book lovers.

The Unique Birthday Gifts For Book Lovers Readers That Arent Book 9
Price: $159.00 (Source: Amazon)

Bookworm Vintage Cotton Twill Cap 

This is the perfect cap for any woman. This embroidered cotton twill cap boasts an intricate embroidery detail. Moreover, it has a vintage washed look. The perfect cap to accessorize with jeans or a shirt. This is an extremely comfortable cap that can be worn for any season. This is one of the great birthday gifts for book lovers, especially for girls.

Price: $25.00 (Source: Etsy) 

Booktrovert Shirt Gift For Librarians, Birthday Gifts For Book Lovers

Booktrovert Shirt Gift For Librarians – Librarians love books and they will love getting this stylish T-shirt! This shirt is available in various colors and styles. It is durable and dishwasher safe, and will make a perfect gift for any book lover! It can even be personalized, if you wish. 

It is also a great stocking stuffer! Librarian Shirt Gift – This humorous T-shirt is a fun gift that is sure to make your librarian laugh. It features a humorous definition of what a librarian is. It’s a perfect gift for any librarian, and comes in a gift box. There’s also a card with the message, “A librarian is a rare and special person,” and a sticker that reads, “Support Public Libraries”. The sticker is printed on durable, dishwasher-safe vinyl and is 3” long.

Price: $8.99 (Source: Etsy) 


So here you have it: a comprehensive list of the best birthday gifts for book lovers and readers. As you can see, there’s a fair bit to choose from, so all that’s left is to pick one and get it in your loved one’s hands as soon as possible. They’ll surely appreciate your thoughtful present, whether it’s a personalized wedding gift or a unique Christmas present.

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